FIAT Helps Parallel Parkers With Interactive Billboard

If there’s one thing that almost all drivers can agree on, it’s that parallel parking is not a fun experience. Especially in major cities, it can be the sort of thing that initiates panic attacks, particularly when there’s another driver behind you waiting impatiently for you to get your act together so they can continue on their hurried way.

There have been plenty of great technological advancements in vehicles over the course of the last several years to make this process easier—rearview cameras, parking sensors and the like—but even with all that, it still can be quite an ordeal parallel parking a vehicle, even one as compact as the 2015 FIAT 500.

To remedy those anxieties, at least temporarily, FIAT and the Leo Burnett agency put together a new FIAT interactive billboard near a street parking spot that actually includes videos of people helping the driver park his or her car. With sensors on the billboard and in the parking spot, digital parking assistants tell drivers when to crank the wheel and how much space they’ve got left before they have to crank the wheel again and pull forward.

Obviously not all parallel parking can be so easy, and this was just a PR stunt in one “major German city,” as the FIAT ad puts it, but it was enough to make us grateful that we sell compact cars that are so easy to parallel park in the first place. Nobody likes that kind of anxiety, which is why we’re jealous of those who were gifted the help of that interactive FIAT billboard.

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2015 FIAT 500 Among Coolest Affordable Cars

When consumers finally make the decision to purchase a new 2015 FIAT 500, they do so for a number of reasons, including the fact that it’s an undeniably trendy and cool automobile. The aesthetics of the car make it a unique vehicle on American roads, and that combined with its reasonable price tag makes it one of the more interesting affordable models available these days.

Its combination of affordability and trendiness was enough to win it a place on the Kelley Blue Book’s list of “Top 10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000,” which is great news for a vehicle developed for the express purpose of providing consumers with something truly cool and unique that won’t break the bank in the process.

Obviously there are a number of FIAT 500 variants that offer more goodies for a higher price, but the standard 500 is plenty cool, with a zippy four-cylinder engine, high efficiency, loads of great technology and a unique design. The fact that all of that can be had for so reasonable a price is just an added bonus, but considering how much “cool” vehicles usually cost, it’s especially exciting to have one available for under $18,000.

As your FIAT dealer, we want to preach the quality and value of our vehicles to our customers, but our message can occasionally get old. When a respected online publication like Kelley Blue Book corroborates that message, however, we feel even better about our vehicles, and our customers should, too. Want to see one of these award-winning vehicles in person? Stop by Cal’s FIAT of Monterrey today to peruse our used and new inventory of capable and versatile FIAT vehicles. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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