More About Fiat

Fiat is an Italian automotive company since 1899. It all happened at the dawn of industrialization when the first factory was established in Carso Dante with 150 workers on board. Ever since Fiat products appeared on the market besides they have been comprehensively developed and recognized worldwide. The Fiat logo has become a great status symbol due glorious history of the finer cars that Company produces and the prestige of its history and tradition.

The innovator Giovanni Agnelli had great vision and believed that Fiat would be successful in the years to come became managing director of the company in 1902. In 1908, Fiat opened the Fiat Automobile Company in the America. Fiat grew phenomenally and became symbol of luxury in America, costing more than its counterparts. Fiat continued to grow at a rapid rate and expanded its product range with trams, marine engines, trucks and commercial vehicles. By 1916 the famous factory of Fiat at Lingotto became the largest factory in Europe with the five floor assembly line which later became the symbol of automotive giants in Italy in the years to come. During World War 1 Fiat devoted itself to supplying the Allied Forces with weapons, military vehicles and aircrafts Fiat based cars are manufactured all over the world, Brazil being the largest outside Italy. The factories of Poland and Argentina are also famous. Fiat also licenses its products to many countries like India, Turkey, Pakistan Russia and China.

Two Fiat cars that were introduced in 1934 were very popular with masses. Topolino was the smallest utility car that Fiat kept producing till 1955.The other model was Tariffa Minima, was well-liked because of high gas mileage feature. The other popular models which came in the later years full of innovative features and designs were super successful in Italy and other parts of the world. The 60% of the total sales of Fiat products happens outside Italy. In early fifties Fiat came out with 500 and 1300 with innovative heating and ventilation systems which was instant success across the world. Later they came up with 500 “new” model was released in 1957 and model 600 as small utility car with engine at the rear made Fiat popular car maker in the masses.

When 2nd World war started Fiat almost stopped production of cars and offered to make aircraft, weapons and other machinery that was required by the allied forces. Due to this many of the Fiat factories were destroyed during the war but they started rebuilding it by 1948 and from there Fiat saw a considerable increase in its profits. In sixties the Italian economy was booming high and Fiat’s efficient strategies and revolutionary products were behind it. The car ownership ratio in Italy got increased from one in 86 to one in 28.

Fiat came up with good size MPV called “Idea” In 2004 the design of which was really unique. To improve the visibility of the driver the same was specifically made taller; sliding style rear seats and added flexibility were some of the new features of the new model.

In 21st century also Fiat is moving on the same path as it did from the last 100 years. In the midst of 2009 downturn Fiat proved its strength by gaining a controlling stake in ailing Chrysler of America.